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What is Bible Adventures?

We are passionate about Jesus and kids! 

Bible Adventures was founded by Miss Martha in 2017 with a passion to connect young kids and Jesus in fun and engaging ways. Our heart is to reinforce Biblical truths and stories by bringing God's Word off the pages and into kids' daily lives. All programming is creative, purposeful, and fun!

Let Martha help you introduce the Bible to your own children, grandchildren, or nieces and nephews!


Common Questions

How did Bible Adventures start?

After much prayer and careful consideration, Miss Martha stepped out in faith and launched Bible Adventures in March 2017. It was birthed out of a dream to bring biblical teaching beyond the walls of our homes and churches and into our communities!

Who runs the programming?

With almost 20 years of Children's Ministry experience, Miss Martha leads our team with joy and wisdom. She generates completely original content (activities, songs, games, books, etc.), and, depending on the event, hand-picks outstanding staff and volunteers to bring the vision to life.

Note: All staff and volunteers used by Bible Adventures have completed and passed a state background check.

Do Kids have to be a certain age?

Each event is different. Some of our programming is specifically developed for potty-trained preschoolers; other events are created to involve entire families. We denote who a particular event has been designed for in the event description.

How can I or my child get involved?

For upcoming offerings, see our Events page. If you would like to connect regarding weekly programming openings or other prospective opportunities, please get in touch via our Contact page!

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