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The Scoop is where you can stay up to date on all things Bible Adventures.

We hope this resource can serve as a tool for families with young kids who are looking to bring Jesus into their daily life. Each month we will be sharing what we like to call "Bible Adventures Seeds", which will include monthly prayers, stories and activities that introduce and reinforce biblical truth for young kids. The Scoop will also provide updates and news happening year round at Bible Adventures. 

Whether your child is involved in one of the preschools we serve, is a regular at our summer camps or is new to the Bible Adventures family, we hope this newsletter can serve as a resource and tool for you and your family. Please feel free to share with any friends or family that you think would be interested in The Scoop.

It's a Happy Day by Yancy  Christ Arose by GO FISH

I Believe by GO FISH

God’s Not Dead by Rob Evans


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One fun way we can help our kids turn their hearts and

minds to Jesus (the greatest gift we’ve ever been given)

is by creating a countdown chain that leads to Easter.


  • Can be any length; 14 days, 20 days, or however many you choose, ending on Easter.

  • Keep it simple but purposeful

  • Write 1 thing on each piece of chain. Suggestions:

    • a person to pray for

    • something you're thankful for

    • an act of kindness for someone

    • a scripture passage from Jesus' walk to the cross

  • Loop across a mantle, around a railing, or hang on a door.


Each morning when the kids wake up, they remove one

ring from the chain. The number of rings left should symbolize the number of days left until  Easter.


****It’s important to remember that good works

don’t save us, it’s only by God’s grace that

we have been saved by the death

and resurrection of His Son, Jesus. ****

Jesus rides into Jerusalem; Matthew 21:5

This King was different;

no fancy robe, no fancy crown, no fancy horse.


Jesus Washed the Disciples Feet; John 13:14-15

This King was different; HE washed the disciples feet!


Jesus at the Last Supper; Luke 22:19-20

King Jesus’ body would be hurt and broken.


Jesus Prayed in the Garden; Mark 14:36

The King of kings, Jesus, obeyed God, His father.


A Crown for Jesus; John 19:2

This King was given a different kind of crown.


Jesus Died on the Cross; Romans 5:8

Jesus loves us so much that He died on the cross

for the wrong things we do (sin).


The Empty Tomb; Matthew 28:5

Jesus is ALIVE! He rose from the dead,

just like He said He would.


Jesus taken up into Heaven; John 14:2-3

Jesus told His disciples that He was

going to heaven to prepare a place for us.

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