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Miss Martha's

"Go into all the world and preach the Good News to everyone."

- Mark 16:15 -

Adventure with us!


Where kids discover!

Kids will learn that the true stories of the Bible fit together like a puzzle: with Jesus at the center!


The Life-Changing Story

Preschoolers up through 3rd graders bring their families and celebrate Jesus' Easter journey.


The BEST Gift!

Preschoolers bring their families to celebrate that Jesus is the BEST gift we've ever been given!


Serve with your family!

Serving options geared towards preschoolers through kindergarteners and their families!


with Miss Martha!

Bring your families and friends and join for a morning of Bible games and hear Ms. Martha read from her book!


Be Bold + Courageous!

The perfect way to share the Love of Jesus to those around you when you're out and about

Who is

Miss Martha?

Martha’s “sweet spot” is apparent from her enthusiasm for connecting children and the Bible; although those who know her would say chocolate is her first love! With over two decades in Children’s Ministry, she founded Bible Adventures in 2017 based on her passion for introducing Bible stories and truths to kids and their families. Martha lives in MN, is married to her husband of 33 years, and has three children of her own.

"Thank you for doing these service projects! It's a great opportunity to teach our kids about generosity."

- Angie

"What a treat last week was. Mae came home singing all your familiar songs, with beautiful crafts and nice sayings about Jesus. She loved your camp!

- Kari

"Thank you Martha! Carlos is telling all his friends about the true meaning of EASTER."

- Deana

"Thank you for having camp this week! Grace came home telling me all about how fun it is! And by the looks of it at drop off and pick up - so organized! Thank you again! I love when camps are extra special!

- Carissa

"His favorite part of school is bible adventures, so thank you for all that you do!"

- Claire

"You taught me so many things about teaching God's word to littles! Your faithfulness reaches far beyond MN and even littles. I find myself saying thank God for Martha North!"

- Jordyn

Why we do what we do

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